Portugal Visa & Entry Requirements - How to Apply for a Visa to Portugal (2023)

Portugal, the westernmost sovereign state in Europe, is also one of the oldest states in the old continent. It has a population of 10,291,027 and an area of 92,212 km2.

The Portuguese Republic is a developed country with a high-income advanced economy and high living standards. The country has a mesmerizing architecture marked by its history of invasions.

Portugal is a member of the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, as well as the Schengen Zone. It joined the latter in 1995, thus abolishing its borders with the rest of the member states.

Since then, travellers can apply for a Portuguese Schengen Visa. They can also enter the territory of Portugal and the whole Schengen holding a short-stay visa to Portugal.

Fun fact: The oldest bookshop in the world is in Portugal!

Portugal Entry Restrictions in Response to Coronavirus

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, Italy and the rest of the EU/Schengen Area members imposed an EU-wide entry ban on third-country nationals in mid-March 2020, on the recommendation of the EU Commission. In addition, entry restrictions to Italy are frequently changing based on the COVID-19 situation in other countries.

Read “A Complete Guide to Travelling to Portugal Amid COVID-19” to get the latest updates regarding and other measures imposed by Italian authorities.

Portugal Entry Requirements

The documents you must present at the Portuguese port of entry depend on your nationality. If you are an EEA national, you will only need an identification document to enter Portugal.

At the same time, if you are a non-EEA traveller wishing to visit Portugal, you will need to present the following when you show up at the Portuguese port of entry:

  • A valid passport or travel document. Valid for at least three more months beyond your planned exit date from Portugal/Schengen and issued within the last 10 years.
  • A visa – if you are subject to the Portuguese visa regime.

Aside from these documents, the Portuguese border officer may ask you a few questions about your trip to Portugal:

  • What is your purpose of visiting Portugal?
  • How long do you intend to stay in Portugal?
  • Where are you going to stay in Portugal? Etc.

You may be asked for documents to support your answers, such as an invitation letter by a Portuguese host, proof of lodging or a round-trip ticket. For more information in this regard, contact the local consular services of Portuguese in your home country.

Keep in mind that the border police holds the final decision if you shall be permitted to enter Portugal or not. If the Portuguese border officer concludes that you are no risk for Portugal, upon checking your documents, you will be permitted to enter Portugal, and thus the Schengen territory.

Please, make sure that the Portuguese border officer stamps your passport when you enter Portugal. Without a stamp, you could be fined or detained from Portugal.

Who Needs a Schengen Visa to Enter Portugal?

Due to the Schengen visa policies, part of which Portugal is, you will need a visa to enter this country or any other in the Schengen zone, if:

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  • You are a national of a third-world country whose citizens are required to obtain a Schengen visa in order to enter any member country of the Schengen Area.
  • You are a national of a third-world country that has signed a visa liberalization agreement with the Schengen states, but you were previously rejected from entering Portugal or any other Schengen country.

What Documents Are Required for a Portugal Schengen Visa Application?

According to the Portugal visa requirements, you must submit some mandatory documents as part of your short-term Portuguese Visa application at the Portugal embassy/consulate in your country of residence. These documents are as follows:

  • Portuguese visa application form. Complete the visa application form with all required information, print it and then sign it at the end. Here you can learn more How to Fill-in a Portuguese Schengen Visa Application Form without any mistakes.
  • Two passport photos. The photos should be identical and comply with the photograph requirements for the Portuguese Schengen visa application.
  • Your valid passport.
    • Two blank pages in order to affix the visa
    • Is not older than 10 years,
    • Has a validity of at least three more months beyond the date you plan to leave Portugal and the whole territory of Schengen.
  • Copies of your previous visas. If you have ever held a visa issued by any world country, submit copies of them.
  • Round-trip Flight Itinerary. A document that shows you have a booked flight, to enter and leave Portugal. This document should specify flight numbers, dates, and your details.
  • Proof of accommodation. I.e. a hotel reservation in Portugal.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Portugal
  • A cover letter. A personal letter in which you explain why you are applying to visit Portugal, how long you plan to stay, when will you leave and other details.
  • Proof of civil status. This could be a marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, etc.
  • Portugal Travel Health Insurance. Confirmation that you have travel insurance for Portugal and the whole territory of Schengen, with a minimum 30,000 € coverage of medical emergencies.

Travel medical insurance policies for foreigners travelling to Portugal that fulfil the Portuguese Visa requirements can be purchased online from Europ Assistance or MondialCare. Travel insurance policies issued by both companies are accepted by Portuguese authorities worldwide.

Additional Portuguese Visa Requirements Based on Your Employment Status

The Portugal embassy/consulate wants you to submit several other documents depending on your occupational status. These documents are as follows:

If employed:

  • Employment contract
  • Current bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • Leave permission from the employer
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form

If self-employed:

  • A copy of your business license
  • Company bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • Income Tax Return (ITR)

If retired:

  • Pension statement of the latest 6 months

If a student:

  • Proof of enrollment
  • No-objection certificate from school or university
  • Advertisements

If applicable:

  • Proof of regular income generated by a property, for the last 6 months

Additional Portuguese Visa Requirements for Minors

Minors applying to get a short-stay visa to Portugal, or parents applying for their minor child to get a visa, will need to complete the following additional Portuguese Visa Requirements in their application file:

  • Birth certificate of the minor travelling to Portugal.
  • Portugal application form signed by both parents.
  • Family court order. In cases where only one parent has full custody of the child.
  • Certified copies of ID/passport of both parents
  • If the minor will be travelling alone with another person:
    • An original and copy of the accompanying person’s passport page containing the holder’s data, and expiry date, a recent photograph and a valid visa copy.
    • A notarized parental authorization to travel to Portugal, signed by both parents/guardians

*Note: When applying at the Portuguese embassy/consulate in the home country, the guardian or parent should accompany their underage children.

Additional Requirements Based on the Purpose of Entry to Portugal

The reason behind your intended trip to Portugal plays a huge role in the documents you need to submit to prove that you meet the criteria to be permitted to enter and remain in Portugal for the desired period.

Following, find the additional Portugal visa requirements based on your purpose of travelling to Portugal.

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Portugal Airport Transit Visa Requirements

If you are travelling to a non-EU/EEA country, but your plane has to land at one of the Portuguese airports, then you may need a Portugal Airport Transit Visa.

Not all nationals of countries under the Schengen visa regime need a Portugal Airport Transit Visa. Check the list of the nationals that need a Portugal Airport Transit Visa, to find out if you need to apply for one.

Required Documents for an Airport Transit Schengen Visa to Portugal

When applying to obtain a Portugal Airport Transit visa, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • A valid visa (if needed) for the final country one travels to.
  • The flight ticket for the final country you are travelling to.

Portugal Transit Visa Requirements

You will have to apply for a Portugal Transit Visa if you are a seafarer that needs to disembark at one of the Portuguese harbours to embark on another vessel that will take you to your non-Schengen destination country, or if you are a seafarer travelling to Portugal.

Required Documents for a Transit Schengen Visa to Portugal

When applying to obtain a Portugal Transit visa, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • A valid visa (if required) for the final country you are travelling to.
  • The ticket for the final country you are travelling to.
  • Original and photocopy of Seaman’s book (required only for seafarers).
  • Letter from the inviting Shipping Company. Issued by the inviting Shipping Company in Portugal (required only for seafarers).
  • Employment contract. Contract with the navigation company/ship in order to board the ship (required only for seafarers).

Portugal Tourist Visa Requirements

If you are planning to travel to Portugal for holidays, tourism, entertainment, sightseeing or similar, then you should apply for a Portugal Tourist Visa for short stays. The visa permits you to remain in Portugal for up to 90 days, within six months.

Required Documents for a Tourist Schengen Visa to Portugal

When applying to obtain a Portuguese Tourist visa, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • Bank statement. Preferably for the last 6 months.
  • Travel Itinerary. A description of your trip day-to-day for the whole intended duration of your stay in Portugal.
  • Proof of how you will be financing your trip to Portugal.

Portugal Visitor Visa Requirements

If you have a family member or a friend residing in Portugal, who has invited you to visit them for a period shorter than 90 days, you qualify to apply for a Portuguese Visitor Visa.

Required Documents for a Schengen Visitor Visa to Portugal

When applying to obtain a visa to visit your friends or relatives in Portugal, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • Travel Itinerary. Detailed day-to-day plan of your trip to Portugal.
  • Proof of Invitation. By the relative/friend residing in Portugal, inviting you to visit.
    • A declaration of support, legalized by a Notary Public in Portugal.
    • Invitation letter. The local Municipality in Portugal should attest to this letter, which among others, must also include the period of your stay.
    • A copy of the host’s passport’s bio page + host’s permit of stay in Portugal if the host is a non-EU citizen
    • Documents confirming host’s address, e.g. utility bill.
    • Proof of relationship with the host residing in Portugal.

Portugal Business Visa Requirements

A Portuguese Schengen Business visa is for travellers who need to enter the territory of Portugal for the sole purpose of engaging in business activities, i.e. meetings, contract signing, etc.

Required Documents for a Business Schengen Visa to Portugal

When applying to obtain a Portuguese Business visa, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • Letter of invitation or statement of participation by the organization/company in Portugal including details of the event/affiliation and duration.
  • Confirmed registration for trade fairs or congress
  • A letter from your employer. In this letter should be stated why you will be travelling to Portugal.
  • Proof of trip financing. Regarding the applicant’s expenses during their stay in Portugal, either the employer or the partner company must state coverage of expenses on the letter or invitation.

Portugal Study Visa Requirements

You will need to apply for a Portuguese Study visa if you wish to attend a study course, an internship or training that is supposed to last 90 days or less, within a period of six months, in Portugal.

Required Documents for a Student Schengen Visa to Portugal

When applying to get a Portuguese Student visa, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • No objection letter from the educational institution where you are currently enrolled (if applicable).
  • Internship agreement. Signed between the company in Portugal, the establishment of origin and the trainee.

Portugal Medical Visa Requirements

In the event of travelling to Portugal to undergo surgery, receive medical therapies or other health treatments, you will need to apply for a Portugal Medical Visa.

Required Documents for a Medical Schengen Visa to Portugal

When applying to get a visa to receive medical care in Portugal, you must provide the following additional documents:

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  • A local medical report. Issued from a doctor/clinic/hospital in your home country, confirming that you need medical treatment in Portugal.
  • A medical attestation from the hospital or doctor in Portugal, confirming the date of your appointment as well as your medical situation. It should also confirm that the hospital can perform the specific medical treatment and that you will be accepted accordingly.
  • Proof of financial arrangement made.
  • Official confirmation of the treatment/appointment by the receiving medical institution (hospital/clinic) in

Portugal Visa for Cultural/Sports/Film Crew/Religious Purposes Requirements

You will need to apply for a short stay visa to Portugal called a Cultural/Sports/Religious Events Visa if you are travelling to Portugal in order to participate in/attend a cultural, sports or religious event or to enter the country as a part of a film crew.

Required Documents for a Schengen Visa to Portugal for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew or Religious Purposes

When applying to get a Portuguese visa for the purpose of attending a Cultural/Sports/Religious Event in Portugal, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • Event Information. As:
    • Invitation letter from the relevant body in Portugal with details on the nature of events or activities that are to be held in Portugal.
    • Entry tickets to the event.
    • Enrollment conditions.
    • Detailed program of the event in Portugal.
    • Other documents that present the Names of the applicants (crew members) and other relevant information about the event.
  • Proof of previous performances. Participation in previous festivals and ceremonies (cultural, religious), sports competitions, winners certificates, proof of world/international ranking (sports).

Portugal Visa for Spouse of Portuguese National Requirements

If your wife or husband is a Portuguese national, and you wish to travel to Portugal, you will need to apply for a Portugal Visa for the Spouse of a Portuguese Citizen.

Required Documents for a Portuguese Schengen Visa for the Wife/Husband of a Portuguese Citizen

When applying to get a Portuguese visa as the spouse of a Portuguese national/citizen, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • Proof of Portuguese citizenship (ID card or consular card or certification of Portuguese nationality or naturalization order).
  • Portuguese marriage certificate.
  • Portuguese family record book.

Portugal Official Visit Visa Requirements

If you are a member of an official delegation which following an official invitation are to participate in meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programs, as well as in specific events held in Portugal, then you will need to apply for a Portugal Visa for Official Visit.

Portuguese Schengen Visa for Members of Official Delegations

When applying to get a Portuguese visa as a member of an official delegation, you must provide the following additional documents:

  • The official invitation copy.
  • Evidence about the purpose of the journey (negotiations, meetings, events by intergovernmental organizations, consultations).

How to Apply for a Portuguese Short-Stay Visa

In order to complete the application process to obtain a short-stay visa to Portugal, you must follow these steps:

  1. Check for what Portuguese visa type you need to apply for.
  2. Find out where you need to submit your Portugal visa application.
  3. Fill in the application form.
  4. Collect the statutory Portugal visa requirements. Pay attention to the criteria each document must meet in order to be valid, as set by the Portuguese embassy/consulate in your home country.
  5. Appoint a visa interview. Depending on the country where you live, you may have to appoint this interview online or in person at the embassy/consulate/.
  6. Attend the interview on the appointed day.

Where to Apply for a Portuguese Short-Stay Visa

According to how the Portuguese authorities in your country of residence have regulated visa submission, you may have to apply at one of the following:

  • The Portuguese Embassy
  • A Portuguese consulate
  • A Visa Application Center to which Portugal has outsourced visa submission
  • The Embassy / Consulate of another Schengen country to which Portugal has outsourced visa submission

Who Can Apply for a Schengen Visa at the Portuguese Embassy / Consulate / VAC?

In order to be eligible to submit your short-stay visa application at a Portuguese Embassy / Consulate / VAC, one of the following statements must correspond to your situation:

  • Aside from Portugal, you will not visit any other Schengen country.
  • You will visit more Schengen states, but Portugal is your main destination, which means:
    • You will be spending more days in Portugal, than in the other countries.
    • You will be spending an equal amount of days in each country, but you will enter the Schengen Zone through Portugal.

Moreover, you will be permitted to file a Portugal short-stay visa application at a Portuguese Embassy / Consulate / VAC only if you are a:

  • A citizen of the country from where you are applying.
  • A foreign citizen on a permanent/temporary residence permit in the country from where you are applying.

You cannot apply for a short-stay Portuguese visa from a country where you are currently on a visa.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Portuguese Visa?

The processing time for a Portugal short-stay visa is a minimum of 2 weeks. Still, according to your specific situation, this period may be extended up to 30 days. Exceptional cases may take up to 60 days, since the Portuguese embassies may have to consult with other Schengen consulates.

The processing time for nationals of several countries takes at least 3 weeks. These countries are: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, DR Congo, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen.

To avoid any delay in the issuance of your Portuguese short-stay visa, you should submit your application as soon as possible, though no earlier than three months before you travel to Portugal.

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How Much Does It Cost to Apply for a Portuguese Visa?

The Portuguese Schengen Visa fees are as follows:

The Portuguese Schengen Visa CategoryFee in EURFee in USD*
Children between 6-12 years of age40€48$
Children younger than 6 years of ageFreeFree
Holders of diplomatic, official or service passports travelling for official purposesFreeFree
A family member of an EU/EEA nationalFreeFree
Pupils, students and accompanying teachers during a school tripFreeFree
Researchers travelling to perform scientific researchFreeFree
Nationals from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.35€42$

* The applicable visa fee in USD (US Dollar) is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice.

The fee for the visa is due at the time the application is submitted and is not refundable. If you withdraw the application or it is rejected, the fee will not be reimbursed.

How Long Can We Stay in Portugal Without a Visa?

Nationals of countries that still have not signed a visa-free agreement with Portugal and the other Schengen members must obtain a visa before heading to Portugal or any other Schengen member country.

Whereas, if you are an EU national, you can enter and remain in Portugal for as long as you wish without the need to obtain a visa or any other document prior to your trip. However, if you wish to stay longer than three months, you must register with the Portuguese local authorities.

If you are a national of a visa-exempt country, you will be permitted to remain in Portugal for up to 90 days within a 180 days period. If you wish to stay longer, you may have to undertake the following actions depending on your country of residence:

  • Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of South Korea or the United States of America – you need to obtain a residence permit within three months of arrival in Portugal.
  • The rest of Portugal’s visa-exempt countries – you need to obtain a Portuguese National visa for long stays from your country of residence if you wish to stay longer.

IMPORTANT: Necessary: Ensure you understand the 90/180 Schengen Visa Rule. Do not violate this rule, not even for one day, since you may face the consequences. To avoid this, you can check the 90/180 stay calculator to see your remaining days in Schengen Zone.

Can I Extend My Schengen Visa in Portugal?

Yes, you can extend your Portuguese Schengen visa, but only in exceptional cases where new facts and special reasons arise after entry in Portugal, i.e. humanitarian reasons or force majeure. You can apply for your visa extension in Portugal here:

  • Aliens and Borders Service (SFF)
  • Borders and Aliens Service (SEF)- Weekdays, from 9 AM to 5.30 PM)

Please read How to Extend a Schengen Visa in Portugal to understand under what circumstances and under what conditions you can extend your Portuguese Schengen Visa.

Can My Portuguese Schengen Visa Be Revoked?

Yes, your Portugal visa can be revokedin case the competent Portuguese authorities conclude that the conditions for issuing the visa are no longer met.

If you are in Portugal when the decision on the revocation of your visa happens, you will be given a deadline to leave Portugal. If you do not leave Portugal or the territory of Schengen within this period, you will then be considered an illegal resident in Portugal.

Please note that the failure of the visa holder to provide the border officer with the entry requirements may also lead to a decision to annul or revoke the visa, though not automatically.


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